Why We Love Accounting (And You Should Too!)

Author : Camputaro & Associates
Dec 14, 2017


When it comes to accounting, a lot of people seem to think that it’s boring or that you have to be out of your mind to want to become an accountant. But honestly, nothing could be farther from the truth. There are a ton of reasons why accounting is one of the best fields and the best jobs a person could ask for. Here at Camputaro & Associates, our staff loves their jobs as CPAs and accountants; we take pride in helping members of our community grow and flourish. Take a look at these reasons why we love accounting and you might even decide that you should make a change in career and come over to the side of the numbers.

1) Accounting has a Long and Storied History

Accounting first came around back when money was first developed. After all, where money was involved, there needed to be some way to keep track of it all. There were accountants in ancient Egypt, Babylon, Greece, and even Rome. Some of the oldest surviving accounting books are clay tablets from ancient Sumeria that are over 4000 years old. These records tell the stories of how kingdoms were built and how the Great Pyramids were made. From them, historians learn to decipher languages, because numbers are a universal language in themselves.

Modern accounting started in the 1400s with an Italian named Luca Paciaoli. He was the one who started the modern practice of double-entry bookkeeping, where expenses and income are both recorded in the same ledger. There aren’t many professions that you can get involved in that can trace their roots back that far. It’s one thing to be a modern day CPA; it’s quite another to realize that you’re part of over 6000 years of tradition.

2) It’s all about Helping People

Accounting is all about helping people. When someone comes to see you as an accountant, they usually aren’t coming by just to say hello – although sometimes it does happen. However, in most cases, they need your help with something, whether it’s sorting out their books or helping them figure out their taxes. Sometimes it’s really serious; people and businesses get audited every year, and when you’re a CPA, you’re the professional they’re counting on. People know that you don’t go see your CPA when you have a toothache, and you don’t see your dentist when you need sound financial advice.

And you will help people in all different walks of life. One day, you might be helping a husband and wife with a new kid start planning for Junior’s college in 18 years. The next day, you’re working with a ten-person firm and helping them get their accounts reconciled. From birth to death, you’ll be there, helping people, businesses, and families balance their books, pay their taxes, and find ways to pay for the things they want or need.

3) You’ll Never be Bored!

Every day, you never know what new client will be knocking on your door. And the jobs range from being fairly easy and mundane to strange and complicated. You need to be constantly learning as well to stay on top of the game. Tax laws change almost every year. And it’s not just the national tax code you need to know; there are also state and local taxes to worry about as well.

It’s not just taxes either. You’ll need to be an expert software professional too. Especially because so many people use QuickBooks, it’s almost mandatory that a modern CPA be able to wrangle these programs into line and show clients how to do what. Sometimes you even get to be the one to train a client’s new bookkeeper on the ins and outs of the software.
And as a CPA, you’ll make contacts throughout the business and personal community in your area. Just look at our founder, Richard. He’s been with the Daytona Beach Quarterback Club for years and is an active member of the Daytona Beach – and now the Ormond Beach – community.

4) Come Tax Season, You’re a Rock Star

Without fail, every January will bring you and the accounting profession back into the limelight. People want to know about your advice from everything from deductions to how to file for an extension. And are you ever going to be busy. The first four and a half months of every year are the busiest times for any CPA. You’re going to pull some long days and even longer nights making sure that you get all of your clients taken care of. You have to ensure that every i is dotted and every t is crossed, because it’s not just your professional reputation, it’s your clients’ financial wellbeing on the line. But you can do it, because you are a genuine number crunching rock star every year.

But just because you’re working hard every tax season doesn’t mean you won’t love every minute of it. Catherine and Nicole, two of our most valued staff accountants, know what it is to feel the crunch of tax time, and both look forward to the fast pace every year.

5) Job Security

Do you love people? Do you want to help them grow and flourish? A CPA does that by helping them manage their money. As long as there is money being moved around and people buying and selling goods, people will need professionals who know how to keep track of those numbers. When you’re an accountant, your services will always be in demand. And that demand means that you’ll never be out of work, should you want it.

Sure, there are other accountants out there who may be your competition, but in reality, they’re there to make you be better. So if you’re the sort of person who loves numbers and figuring out how those numbers add up (or figuring out why they don’t add up), you might just love accounting as much as we here at

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